The Charred Rib at the Barn is an exuberant celebration of great traditional Italian hospitality and quality at the table and in the glass. Our Philosophy is easy as it is straight forward, use the best products, shorten the time and distance any product spends from the soil or water or the air to the plate. Our menu melds the tradition of classical cuisine with a contemporary approach; emphasis is on freshness and purity of ingredients, seeking to capture the highest level of flavor, clarity in taste and presentation. The Charred Rib at the Barn's spirits menu is on the cutting edge of trendy culinary cocktails along with the classics. The wine list is one of the most extensive and eclectic of old and new world and from all the major viticultural regions.

The restaurant concept generated at The Charred Rib at the Barn can best be described as transgerational: an expression of the evolution of cuisines, menus, service and ambiance that characterized the history of dining in Baltimore County. The Charred Rib at the Barn creates the highest quality dining experience in what is one of the best spaces in Carney. Without projecting stilted formality The Charred Rib at the Barn’s creates an ambiance filled with warmth buoyancy and lightheartedness.

We are defined by the skill, talent and diversity of our team. We are talented individuals who work in harmony and are committed to providing the most memorable experience for our guests. Individually we are passionate and enthusiastic about what we do and together we are able to collaborate and cohesively execute The Charred Rib at the Barn’s highest standards. We share the goals, and have a valuable responsibility in accomplishing them. It is our team’s talent, dedication, communication, professionalism and the pursuit of excellence that makes The Charred Rib at the Barn greater than the sum of its parts.

Customer Profile

Our customers are confident and know what they want; namely a personal experience. They are educated, mobile, well-versed in technology and rely on their peers. They put more trust in a peer review than a commercial ad. They expect value and quality. The only media they follow is social. Furthermore, they are far more in tune with the digital footprint and social presence in Baltimore County, also very active in rating products and service, while relying on peer recommendations to make their dinning decisions. Young professionals comprise a significant portion of the Baltimore County region’s workforce and entrepreneurial community they place a higher value on the amenities and nutritional variety associated with a full sit down, full serve restaurant, with a fresh sense of hospitality and entertainment. Loyalty is what makes a restaurant successful.

Loyalty is what makes a restaurant successful, thru the years The Charred Rib has cultivated a great loyal customer following in Baltimore County.